POWERBOAT ITALIA '88 is a frenetic speedboat racing game developed by Robysoft that combines old-school button mashing with precision maneuvering and timing. Up to 4 powerboaters storm their way toward the prospect of supreme victory and unending fame by boosting over hurdles, snagging powerups, and blocking the paths of their rivals. It's a true test of endurance... and a measure of just how far you'll go to win.

POWERBOAT ITALIA '88 is a custom 4-player arcade cabinet and comprises part of the Death By Audio Arcade. To inquire about the arcade cabinet, please contact Nick. POWERBOAT ITALIA '88 was created by Nick Santaniello with design by Conor Birney and music by Audioghan. Special thanks to Mark Kleback.

NEW! Powerboat Italia '88 is now available for iPad and Android Tablets! There are ad-supported and paid variants for both platforms, so check em out!